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Networked Partnering & Product Innovation

Networked Partnering & Product Innovation

After completing the course, our students will be able to explain in concrete detail what is needed for creating a functioning IoT prototype including hardware, embedded software, and network-based service. The students will be able to identify the key challenges related to embedded software development in the IoT context. They will also be able to present detailed business models for IoT products.

The students will have an experience of an IoT concept design project from contextual study to hand-over of a design concept. They will also have experience in working in varying multidisciplinary teams in different roles in negotiating and describing technically oriented requirements.

The students will be able to plan and execute a multi-disciplinary concept design process for IoT products. They will be able to roughly estimate the cost and schedule of prototype production, including hardware and software. They are able to evaluate the technical content of a requirements proposal. The students will be able to establish relevant business models for IoT products.

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