Collaborating with IDBM opens up new ways to shape the future. Recruit the future transdisciplinary talent, explore challenges with diversely creative teams and learn the skills to shape a better tomorrow.

  • Industry project: 6 Months, 10 full working weeks per student

  • Other collaboration options: Workshops, Course collaboration, Guest lectures, Events, Research, etc.


Better business through transdisciplinary design

As a novel learning platform, IDBM Industry Project helps future-oriented partners leverage a transdisciplinary design process to solve creative challenges of tomorrow and position themselves at the forefront of innovation.

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Design as your competitive edge

Design-oriented companies in Finland, such as Martela, KONE and Amer Sports, who commit to design as a strategic priority and to improve the user experience, yield a total shareholder return (TSR) of 240% over the OMX Helsinki average.


Collaborate, recruit & grow

IDBM brings together top talent from business, design, technology and science to explore and tackle futuristic challenges together with IDBM partners. Solve creative and complex challenges, get exposure and recruit the skilled change agents of tomorrow through the collaborative IDBM Industry Project.


Co-create meaningful impact

We love to collaborate with our brave partners to create meaningful societal and business impact. Previously, IDBM projects have tackled new product and service development, user experience design, future operation environments, corporate identity, communications and design management.


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