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Corporate Entrepreneurship & Design

Corporate Entrepreneurship & Design

This course focuses primarily on entrepreneurial processes and practices within an existing corporation or enterprise and highlights how design, design thinking and design processes can be utilized to enhance entrepreneurial practice, as well as the benefits and challenges of instilling an entrepreneurial mindset and culture within an established organization.

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to identify, validate and persuasively communicate the role and value of a design-centric approach in enhancing innovation processes and entrepreneurial practices in established corporations or organizations, including startups or young companies.

Students will explore the benefits and challenges, including means and methods, of instilling a lean effectually-driven entrepreneurial culture in organizations or corporations which are often causally-driven.

Lastly, the students will evaluate the suitability and applicability of design, design-thinking and effectual action through comparative case-based analysis, investigation, illumination and speculative application.

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