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IDBM Lab: Academic Research (15.2 - 29.3)

IDBM Lab: Academic Research (15.2 - 29.3)

IDBM Lab is a concept where we would like to test, prototype, and conceptualize new educational methods, along with the exploration of interesting topics and themes. To kick this concept off, we will be piloting with the topic of academic research - and exploring the key components of academic research and master theses.

In this 6 week module, we will be introducing aspects such as the literature review, methods, and discussions through the utilization of panel discussions, socratic seminars, and reversed classroom environments.

To learn more about this pilot in particular, you can check out the details in the slides below. The slides can also be downloaded from here.

To sign up for this pilot - please fill out this form. (Form URL:

Course information/Key Dates are highlighted further down.

Key Dates & Corresponding Zoom Links:

Recording of AMA Session, 15.02.2022

Recording of Literature Seminar, 22.02.2022

Recording of Methods Seminar, 01.03.2022

Recording of Findings & Discussion Seminar, 08.03.2022

Recording of Closing Seminar, 22.03.2022

Miro Board Link (for all sessions):

Other Information and Contact Details

For any questions regarding this concept reach out to:

Apurva Ganoo, Community Manager (

Claire Shaw, Doctoral Student (

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