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May 2023-July 2024

Interdisciplinary Creative Education in Deep Tech

The INCREDIT (INterdisciplinary CReative EDucation In deep Tech) Project aims to increase the innovation and entrepreneurial capacity of the consortium by building a consortium to support EIT HEI Initiative’s Deep Tech Talent Initiative based on the following approaches, 1) interdisciplinary approach, 2) practice-based collaboration, 3) life-wide learning opportunities and 4) a well-networked and integrated ecosystem.​

The project brings together 5 universities from 3 different countries (Finland: Aalto University, Hanken School of Economics, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, Sweden: Umeå University, and Spain: Universidad Internacional de La Rioja), as well as a wide range of public, private, and non-governmental organizations and institutions.​

The funding for this project, spread over two phases, will be € 750,000 and the total duration of the project is 15 months (May 2023 – July 2024). At Aalto, this project will be coordinated by the Aalto University Design Factory (School of Engineering) and supported by the IDBM Programme (School of Business). Associated partners within this project include CERN (IdeaSquare at CERN), City of Espoo, the Finnish Venture Capital Association (Pääomasijoittajat ry), Aalto Entrepreneurship Society (Aaltoes), Linköping University, and SAAB AB.

“We’re excited to coordinate this consortium, bringing deep tech understanding and opportunities to a wider range of talent for mutual benefit. To truly support the Deep Tech Talent Initiative, we need to bring in students and professionals from all disciplines, including business and design, as well as technology. We are leveraging and building an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach in INCREDIT to create value for all stakeholders.” said Dr. Tua Björklund, Professor at Aalto University, and Principal Investigator (PI) of the INCREDIT Consortium.



In practice, this project will aim to build additional deep-tech oriented competencies into courses, programs, and educational activities at all of the partner universities. With the partners from Finland, Sweden, and Spain, IDBM will also engage in various knowledge sharing activities, teacher training, and networking opportunities. By the end of Phase 1 (December 2023), the expectation is to train more than 350 students, provide training to around 100 academic and non-academic staff members, and build at least 1 new partnership and support structure across our consortium.

For us at IDBM, this project means, for example, bringing new and exciting deep-tech startups as partners for our Industry Project course,” said Apurva Ganoo, Doctoral Researcher at Aalto University and one of the coordinators of the INCREDIT project. “This will only further strengthen our collaboration with our friends at Aalto Design Factory, and we see INCREDIT as a chance to build stronger foundations for supporting deep-tech oriented entrepreneurial education practices at Aalto as a whole,” he continued.

This project will also aim to synergize with our Cohort 2 EIT HEI Project, C-ACCELERATE, and bring together the FilmEU Consortium with our partners from INCREDIT. At the end of August 2023, IDBM and Design Factory together will host our consortium partners from all the partner institutions and organizations here at Aalto University. This will provide Aalto with the unique opportunity to serve as the bridge between C-ACCELERATE and INCREDIT. During the kick-off event, there will be the opportunity to explore new educational partnerships, joint-teaching opportunities, knowledge sharing events between all of the partners.

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