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Unveiling Opportunities in 3D Printing with Mehta Heino Industries: IDBM Industry Project 2023

Mehta Heino Industries is a Finnish startup developing 3D printers and accompanying software. Currently, the startup works with customers from multiple fields, like education, manufacturing, arts, and even cuisine.

A student team from the IDBM Industry Project course is working together with the company to help define future possibilities - including mapping out possibilities for Mehta Heino’s business and product development and supporting the company in finding its product-market fit.

We had the pleasure of speaking with both the student team and Santosh Mehta, the Co-Founder and CEO of Mehta Heino Industries, to learn about their experience so far.


First of all, how did Mehta Heino find its way to IDBM Industry Project?

Santosh (Mehta Heino): We learned about IDBM as a member of Aalto Design Factory. As a startup, taking part in the IDBM Industry Project felt like the right opportunity at the right moment. We were planning to expand our activities for the international market, and having a preliminary roadmap or market analysis gives us a better understanding/insight into what to do next. We believe that this project will add value to our business activities, and we are looking forward to improving our product and services... and learning more, together! 😊

What motivated the students to apply to the EIT Startup Track Industry Project?

IDBM Team: While we are from different backgrounds, the team shares an interest in deep-tech startups. We wanted to join a Startup Track project to work with an early-stage startup, get hands-on experience with what working in a startup can be, and to deliver something which can have a truly meaningful impact for our client.

What have been the biggest learnings for the students as well as for the start-up thus far?

IDBM Team: Our previous experience with startups ranges from one team member being a founder - to some now having their first look into what startup entrepreneurship may look like. One thing that has been striking to us is how much faith and resilience goes into running a startup. While a founder has to have a constant growth mindset and look for chances to improve, there really is no room for doubting yourself or what your company is capable of - enough of that is always coming from the outside, anyway.

Santosh (Mehta Heino): We have seen how organized and efficient things are here at Aalto, so we aspire to build a similar team and environment at our company too. The IDBM team doesn’t hesitate to ask different questions and provide feedback. So, with every time I feel like I’m also improving myself, and gaining more confidence to present our company, product & services.

To explore the recent developments in the field of 3D printing, the student team visited different organizations in NYC and Boston.

Interested in how the project evolves? Keep an eye on our blog for updates or visit Impact Gala 2023 on the 17th of May for final presentations.


This year, two EIT Startup Track industry projects are conducted with early-stage startups (with funding from C-ACCELERATE), allowing our students the opportunity to work closely with entrepreneurs and startups, and for our faculty to develop our pedagogical methods with a focus on experiential entrepreneurial education.


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