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IDBM LAB / Educational Experimentation

IDBM LAB / Educational Experimentation

As we usher in the new year, we at IDBM are looking forward to piloting some new ideas and concepts through our new concept - the IDBM Lab!

IDBM Lab is a concept where we would like to test, prototype, and conceptualize new educational methods, along with the exploration of interesting topics and themes.

The goals and visions of this concept include: testing out various methods of teaching, learning, and applying knowledge, creating an open repository of knowledge than can be developed further, allow us as a study programme to explore new topics, areas of interest, and creating meaningful content within those areas, and utilize this platform as a model for new, innovative collaborations.

In the future, we see the IDBM Lab as a platform to explore and build out our new educational competences - reaching further into new and innovative topics, partnering with various experts and organizations to create unique learning opportunities, and exploring learning methods beyond the traditional realms.

Do you have any ideas or thoughts for interesting topics, themes, or areas we should explore with the IDBM Lab? Or perhaps discuss some interesting collaboration possibilities? Get in touch with our community manager Apurva (!

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