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IDBM Klubi Board 2021

IDBM Klubi Board 2021

Created to foster the IDBM spirit and celebrating our unique community, IDBM Klubi since its inception has played an integral part in every IDBM student’s life here at Aalto. From organizing the yearly orientation week trips to Tallinn, to facilitating the IDBM Impact Gala – the IDBM Klubi Board are the unsung heroes that help keep the IDBM community alive and kicking.

As we now step into 2021, this is a perfect chance to commend the great work done by last year’s Klubi Board: Johan Pricam, Heini Könönen, Nancy Vongjatuporn, and Jaakko Jokinen. Despite having many of their big plans and events for 2020 canceled due to the pandemic, Klubi managed to organize several events and activities that no doubt highlighted their ability to make the best out of the situation. From planning the very first virtual IDBM Impact Gala, to facilitating events under strict health and safety guidelines, last year’s board certainly faced many more challenges than what they may have expected! But despite of these, Klubi certainly managed to give the new IDBMers many events and activities that helped the bond such as the company visit to MaaS Global, support with organizing the IDBM Challenge Webinar, and some welcome events at Rantasauna and KY Building respectively. With this, it’s now time to thank Klubi 2020 Board – Well Done Johan, Heini, Nancy, and Jaakko!

And now, it’s time to introduce the 9 (yes, really! 9!) new Klubi Board Members for 2021! Starting off, the President of Klubi for 2021 will be Samyukta “Sam” Santhakumar. Sam will be supported by Yen Pham, an IDBM Biz student, who will serve as the Vice President. Then, Juuso Virtanen, representing the tech side of IDBM, will serve as the Treasurer. Helena Eharand, Rohan Sachdeva, and Falguni Purohit will together be responsible for Events – so let’s see what their creative minds will come up for 2021. Taking care of business, aka corporate partnerships, will be Tuomo Kontinen and Lou Holst. Lastly, in charge of the technical things will be Prashant Yadav.

All the best Klubi Board 2021! And keep us updated about any and all of your events and other activities for this coming year!

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