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Location: Helsinki (Espoo)

Credits: 120 ECTS (two years)

Degree: Master of Arts, Master of Science in Technology, Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration

Language: English

Application dates: end of year, check

IDBM Major Studies

International Design Business Management is a transdisciplinary graduate program at Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland.

Since 1995, IDBM has delivered world-class interdisciplinary education and research. The curriculum integrates business, design and technology to enable students to address challenges of tomorrow.

Through challenge-based learning in the fields of management, business modeling, and product and service design, students develop the skillset necessary to manage transdisciplinary teams dealing with complex challenges. The learning experience is supported by real-life industry projects in which students use their previously acquired knowledge and expand their professional capabilities through intensive teamwork.

After the two-year program students graduate with a master’s degree in business, design or technology, and extensive transdisciplinary teamwork experience.

Programme Structure

The first year studies of the IDBM program are composed of track specific compulsory modules and a six-month long industry project. During the second year, students can complement their studies with exchange and minor studies or choose additional courses depending on their interest and track requirements.


*Master’s thesis from major or specialisation subject or combining the knowledge from both

Please have a look at the IDBM Study Guide 2022-2024 for detailed descriptions of the structure for different schools.

Links to the Aalto admissions

IDBM Thesis

Students’ thesis works are available at Aaltodoc*:

*To sort thesis works by descending issue date, click on the gear (⚙) symbol.

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