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Impact 2022: Co-Creation

Industry partners: ATARCA EU, Aalto Global Impact, City of Espoo, Harvia, Kemira, KONE, Nokia, Sanoma,, STARTSOLE, Takeda, VTT and ZEISS Group

Impact 2022: Co-Creation

What could the future of mentoring and learning look like? How can cities become smarter? What kind of sauna experiences would people get excited about around the world?

The answers to those questions and more were explored in IDBM Impact Gala 2022 when 12 Industry Project teams presented their results at Sofia Future Farm, Helsinki on May 25, 2022. The theme of the year was "Co-creation".

Teams and Projects

Aalto Global Impact Kenya. How to create a business model based on transparency and collaboration? This is what team PBL BioAfrica, along with two student teams from University of Nairobi, had to tackle in their project. The project aims to create a commercialisation strategy for new bean varieties created at the University of Nairobi in order to address a bean production deficit currently faced in Kenya.

Aalto Global Impact Nepal. How to promote earthquake safe housing in Nepal - a high-risk country that lacks equal access to standardized inspection protocols and building education? This is the wicked problem that team AGI South Asia is striving to solve. After investigating the opportunities, the team has landed in a community-based approach which empowers homeowners to take ownership of their diverse situations.

ATARCA (EU). Mentoring is the act of transferring knowledge and skills from one person to another. It is a promising way of exchanging knowledge. However, knowledge exchange is difficult to capture and knowledge itself is not a quantifiable good. Team Atarca investigated how knowledge exchange can be tracked in the future through the lens of mentor-mentee relationships.

Kemira. What are the ways to increase intellectual property (IP) awareness in a corporate environment? For the last 7 months, we focused on raising internal awareness of Kemira's IP. "Rethinking IP" is a process to build understanding together with encouraging use and communication around Kemira's IP.

Our four stage series of rethinking IP workshops were designed to deepen the understanding and provide collaboration points around.

Kone. What could a sustainable People Flow service offering look like in the future? Team KONE has been exploring the 15-minute city scenario and how KONE's People Flow services could play a part in creating a more sustainable future. How to make buildings last longer and improve the connectivity of neighborhoods that is required to ensure easy access to all necessary services.

Smartly. What will the ads of the future look like? What steps should the digital advertisement industry take to begin the journey to Web 3.0? Team has studied the phenomena of metaverses, discovering how brand awareness can be created in natively digital worlds. What is the value of advertisement for the consumers of tomorrow and how can this be tied into emerging 3D and NFT technology?

StartSOLE. What does learning about emotions look like? With StrenghtenJr, we help kids aged 8-12 to recognize their emotions with a simple and playful interface. In a broader context, our aim is to bridge the social emotional learning gap caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. StrenghtenJr is designed for everyday use: it takes under five minutes a day to complete and requires little effort from the teachers.

Sanoma. How to make tomorrow more transparent? Team Sanoma's goal was to find new ways for users to have a more personalized experience across Sanoma's news and entertainment offering!

Smart Otaniemi. How can cities become truly smart? Smart mobility, smart environment, smart grids, smart this, and smart that. Despite all the various trends, a walk down the street is still the same as it was ten years ago. Seeing is believing, and belief is formed through participation. In team Smart Otaniemi we uncover new ways businesses, cities, and citizens can co-create the future, supported by shared vision and belief.

TAKEDA. How do we help employees of a large pharmaceutical company adopt a sustainable mindset and build a sustainable culture at the workplace? Creating a culture starts with the people. Team Takeda has built an application to collect points from sustainable everyday actions in an easy, engaging and fun way.

Zeiss. Taking care of a forest is not an easy task. Being economically strategic but not at the expense of forests' long term well-being calls for expertise, precision, and non-trivial functions. Money does grow on trees, but our future depends on them. Forestry arena is bubbling below the surface and the link between biodiversity and resilience is going to push forestry towards solutions never seen before.

See recorded presentations

  1. PlanetPoints by Team Takeda

  2. Solid Neighbor Network by Team AGI Nepal

  3. Flow by Team Harvia

  4. SanomaHub by Team Sanoma

  5. Strengthen.Jr by Team SmartSOLE

  6. Rethinking IP by Team Kemira

Watch the full event recording

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