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Impact 2021: Metamorphosis

Industry partners: Aalto Global Impact, Aalto AMRI, Atarca, IBM, Invalidisäätiö, Konecranes, KONE, Plan International, Posti, Säästöpankki.

Impact 2021: Metamorphosis

IDBM Impact Gala 2021 - virtually from hotel rooms!

This was the second COVID-19 affected study year. IDBM project teams and faculty worked mostly in virtual and hybrid mode throughout the year.

However, IMPACT event was organized creatively in a hotel 19.5.2021! Due to restrictions, we were unable to organize a large physical event with hundreds of people in a same big space. So, we decided to split the participants to smaller cohorts in individual hotel rooms connected together with virtual tools! It was a rather special arrangement - but it worked! (and, most importantly, no COVID cases emerged from the event)

See project presentations

  1. PBL BioAfrica by Team Aalto Global Impact

  2. Nosta by Team Plan International

  3. Workshop in a Wallet by Team Atarca

  4. Spinvest by Team Säästöpankki

  5. Live by Team Invalidisäätiö

  6. Kone Robotics Flow by Team Kone Robotics

  7. Return Marketplace by Team Posti

  8. Share the E-fleet by Team Kone Mobility

Watch the full recording

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