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Impact 2019: Future of Work – A Design Perspective

Industry partners: ABB, Lindström, Futurice, Iittala, Huhtamaki, Start North, KONE, Aalto University, PBL East Africa.

Impact 2019: Future of Work – A Design Perspective

IMPACT 2019: What happens when multiple design practices and disciplines converge?

Showcasing how to solve complex business and societal challenges, IDBM Impact Gala 2019 revealed the work delivered by 10 different multidisciplinary IDBM student teams. In collaboration with Industry Partners, IDBM teams drew from their business, technology, and design skillsets to deliver innovative solutions in areas such as:

  • the Future of eCommerce,

  • IoT sensor data to improve Service Experience,

  • the Future of Education &

  • Flavour Design.

Discussion theme: Future of Work


This year, IDBM Impact also features two talks to provoke discussion:

Future of Work: How to Design Thriving Global Organizations: Niina Nurmi, IDBM Programme director

Future of Work: The Shifting Organizational Paradigm: Anni Harju, Head of Strategy, Futurice

Data and AI will cause a major shift in the organisational paradigm. Anni Harju shared her perspective on what the changes will look like and how to approach them, through concrete and practical case examples. Anni is Head of Strategy at Futurice, an innovation and engineering consultancy, and an IDBM alumnus with a soft spot for challenges that bring together tech and design.

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