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IDBM is more than just a qualification received at the end of the studies - it is about the lessons learned, people met, and relationships built. So why would one expect to leave all of that behind after graduation?

We are continuously working on improving the collaboration between alumni and the rest of the community. We aim to build an alumni network, giving alumni the chance to stay in contact and continue to learn from each other long after they have left school.

2021 Cohort


Betty Bender LinkedIn Portfolio
Dorothy Munoz | LinkedIn Portfolio

Mary Barton | LinkedIn Portfolio

Helen Newton | LinkedIn Portfolio

Barbara Weaver | LinkedIn Portfolio

Evelyn Love | LinkedIn Portfolio


Thomas García | LinkedIn Portfolio

Daniel Brown | LinkedIn Portfolio

Jack Davis | LinkedIn Portfolio

Matthew Jones | LinkedIn Portfolio


Callum Smith | LinkedIn Portfolio

Jessica Jones | LinkedIn

Lucy Miller | LinkedIn

Want to Share Your Story?

Would you like to write to our community blog, give a guest lecture to our students, join us on one of our IDBM Talks, or anything else? IDBMers are always eager to learn from each other.

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