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IDBM Challenge 2020: Megatrends Clinic

Solving world problems in 6 minutes

IDBM Challenge 2020: Megatrends Clinic

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Team 1: Health-tech vs privacy and data usage.While technology is being embedded in everything, it brings forth many risks of the data security breach. In light of that, Team 1 proposed the solution to achieve more transparency in data-gathering by re-negotiating some existing deals related to data handling.

Team 2: Preventing social classes defined by technology. With the aim to prevent the formation of social classes defined by accessibility to technology, Team 2 introduced a solution road map in which changes are be done to the policy, infrastructure, and education so that everyone could have an equal opportunity in life.

Team 3: Career Planning Reimagined. A story of a young man who changed his life course in the complex mess that career planning was - A common theme that many struggles with and was where team 3 offered some hope with a service - Luotsi - which empowers people with their potential in their careers.

Team 4: The future of data privacy. We are living in a data-driven society, but how can we build a more equal, transparent, and fair data ecosystem? With team 4 introduction of Datagraphic, users could have a better understanding of how their personal data is being used, created awareness, and transition movement.

Team 5: Forming lifelike bonds in virtual communities. The tremendous growth of online communications makes the world smaller, but can your online bonds with people feel the same as in real life? Acknowledging this, team 5 provided us with a list of practical and interesting suggestions to improve your remote trust and interaction with others.

Team 6: Pure Vision. The Pure Vision project introduced the marketplace to find sustainable manufacturers. It acted as a prominent solution to the increasing demand for sustainable fashion material with less negative impacts on the water source. Pure fashion - Pure water - Pure health.

Team 7: Spectrum. Based on the political detox recipe, Spectrum was introduced as a personalized political chart where people can identify their political standpoint, have weekly engagement, and track their change of opinion and attitude. This tool aims to enhance the polarisation of the political system over consensus so that people of different spectrums can make decisions together at peace.

Team 8: The future of making conscious choice. The project aims to enable consumers to make conscious choices through modern technology. Based on technologies like object identify, buyers are equipped with practical product information, sustainable options, or alternatives for a wiser purchase decision.

Team 9: University role in graduates job seeking. Team 9 discussed the current reality of students’ job-seeking means of supports, such as job fairs, study orientation, career advice, mentorship, etc. Later, they gave recommendations about how universities can make further involvement in the process as well as empower the students.

Team 10: Future of Digital Wellbeing. Team 10 talked about the correlation between the use of social media and mental health in nowadays society. They also discussed how the governments, tech giants, and end-users can work together to ameliorate the social media crises and bring out the best of this versatile tool.

Team 11: Governance 2.0. Google for Governments - This project explored the timeworn structures of governance in our society and looked at ways to disrupt it. Juxtaposing these systems with the biggest tech corporations, in order to draw from their agile qualities, the team aimed to redefine the scope of existing governments.

Team 12: The food dilemma. Industrialization is pushing farmers far away from the consumers, impairing the traditional trading methods and cultural connections. To tackle this food dilemma, team 12 came up with the Farmily application- a place where farmers and buyers can enjoy instant connection, product transparency, and diverse distribution.

Team 13: Old is Gold. Team 13 told us a once of the kind fairytale about how they used technology to help the grandparent’s generation fight against the dragons - tensions created by rapid change in modern society and help them to re-intergrate.

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