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Alumni Talk: Marjukka Mäkelä

After her undergraduate studies in design and photography, Marjukka Mäkelä started the IDBM program in 2001 at the University of Art and Design.

From the outset of her studies, Marjukka developed a holistic understanding of design. For her, the term always meant more than the shaping and crafting of products. Instead, she argues that the potential of design practice only fully develops when it is applied in a broader context and shapes how people work together.

"IDBM was very appealing because it gave me the chance to meaningfully collaborate with people from other disciplines."

This thinking was also what drew her to the IDBM program with its focus on multidisciplinary collaboration and integration of design into other fields. Marjukka wanted to explore how to successfully integrate branding and marketing with product design and technology. The industry project in collaboration with Kone brought her the hands-on experience and learnings that she still applies today.

"IDBM is about developing a mindset that enables you to work really well with people from different backgrounds."

Studies in other IDBM fields also allowed Marjukka to develop the confidence to drive change in diverse environments and influence stakeholders no matter their background. During her IDBM studies, Marjukka started to work in strategic design for Kone. Today, she continues to transform ABB into a more design-driven company.

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