Online platform for the Millennium Technology Prize – Technology Academy Finland



Technology promotes social development and improves life quality. However, the public does not know much about it and it is time to change that. Join our brand-new online missions, have fun and get to know more about the technology that changes your everyday life.



Technology Academy Finland (TAF) is a non-profit organization promoting science for a better life. They reward one groundbreaking scientist every second year with a Millennium Technology Prize and a million euro prize money. In addition, TAF host monthly events for the public and encourages youth to study technology fields.


Technology Academy Finland hoped to have more interaction between their different target groups and that the solution would be continuous and scalable. In addition, they hoped that the solution would create revenue, which could then be used to promote science. The inherent challenge for a non-profit organization is tight budgets and a limited number of employees, that are busy with existing challenges. Hence, the solution should be ready to implement quickly.

Initial brief

Create a unique attraction for scientists, the general public, and youth to come together as a community to discuss technology and how it affects our lives.


As a starting point, we had a client meeting in which we received our brief. We did primary and secondary research in Finland in the form of interviews and reading. During spring, we went to do a field research in Japan, Tokyo and in the United Kingdom, where we got new ideas and confirmation for our existing ones. As a group, we communicated online and met for brainstorming sessions and planning. In addition, we discussed with two other TAF groups and attended workshops that supported our project. Towards the end, we worked more closely as a group with all the TAF teams to present our client a coherent plan.


We used brainstorming, interviews, field research and various tools to analyze the market and understand better the current situation. Loosely constructed interviews with specialists were very useful and we learned a lot from them.

Field trip

Three of us traveled to Japan, Tokyo where we attended Slush Asia, in which we had a chance to hear many inspirational presenters and talk with some company representatives. Interview with Fumiko from Re:public went well as she guided us to the right direction. One of our group members went to UK to talk with the organization behind Queen Elizabeth’s prize and to get inspired by various events regarding technology. 


Our final concept is a website that connects TAF with its target groups and acts as a communication channel between all of them. Interactions between users are ensured by having "missions", open for anyone, on the platform regularly. Here, users can learn about science and technology, educate themselves, develop as a person, and have the possibility to win small prizes. We produced guidelines, example missions and a mock-up platform for TAF to demonstrate our concept. We believe this solution to answer at least some of the challenges that were presented to us in the beginning. Throughout the project, we developed the idea of challenges online and were happy to have a chance to develop it further based on comments from TAF and other groups. 

Team Taffers

  • Laura Ainamo
    BSc International Business / IDBM BIZ
  • Marie-Claire Nicot,
    MSc Management and Product Design / IDBM BIZ & ARTS
  • MA Xuan
    BSc Light Chemistry Engineering / IDBM SCI
  • Huang Ting-Hao
    MSc Electronic and Computer Engineering / IDBM SCI