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At the moment, elevator journeys are safe and comfortable, but could they be developed further? Based on literature and field research, the developed elevator concept offers a new service which raises the experience to a new level.



KONE is an international technology and service company specialized in elevators, escalators, and moving walkways. It is one of the largest manufacturers worldwide. Moreover, it provides maintenance and modernization. The company is known for safety, eco-friendliness, and innovativeness.

Initial Brief

The task was to create a new elevator concept. The concept should be innovative, reliable, and feasible.


The project started with a clear project plan and continued to theoretical research and field research which were the foundation for general concept creation. The next step was ideation which was supported by prototyping. Prototyping was one of the most crucial and innovative part of our project; it required innovative planning and offered great feedback for the final concept. Occasionally, we had to return to earlier steps to ensure that our next steps would be successful. To do so, an iterative process was used to achieve the best possible final solution. Overall, the milestones of the project were based on the decision points starting from common goals, defining the direction of the concept, and finally finding agreement about the final solution.


During the project, multiple methods were used to support research, ideation, prototyping, and overall project management. Our research covered literature research and field research. They were implemented with basic data collection, questionnaires, interviews, and observations. Methods utilized for ideation were co-creation workshops, data framing, PD6 method, and multiple brainstorming sessions. For the overall project management, shared leadership was adopted with the support of servant leadership.

Field trip

During the field trip of the project, we visited two destinations: Hong Kong and Shanghai. Numerous interviews and observations were conducted during the travels to achieve the goals of the field trip. Visiting buzzing metropolitan areas offered unexpected and extremely interesting insights for the project. 


As a result of data collection, innovative ideation, and critical design thinking, the main challenges and values were combined to intertwine in the final solution. The developed elevator concept offers a new service which raises the experience to a new level.

Team - Team Turing

  • Alisa Kurganova
    BA Architecture, Journalism / IDBM ARTS
  • Antti Auvinen
    BSc Biotechnology and chemical engineering / IDBM SCI
  • Kaarle Rasi
    BSc International Business & Biotechnology / IDBM BIZ
  • Yayan Cheng
    BA Industrial Design
    MA Service Design / IDBM ARTS (Exchange in Aalto University)
  • Minna Eloranta
    BSc Electronics and Electrical Engineering / IDBM SCI