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The main goal of the project is to support the existing innovation ecosystem of Uganda by enabling sharing of innovative knowledge, research material and experiences. The project focuses on connecting students of Makerere University and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) located in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Students are the next generation of Ugandan innovators, and SMEs serve as key drivers of innovation and employment.


InnoCom is a project to support innovation sharing in Uganda. It is executed under co-operation of Aalto University, UNICEF Finland and Makerere University, the leading research institution in Uganda.


Uganda is currently one of the most innovative countries in Africa. However, all innovations do not succeed. The issues with coordination, co-operation and networking can cause inadequate use of existing human and material resources, as well as duplication of innovation initiatives by different stakeholders from academia to private sector.



  • Identifying (Context, Innovation ecosystem)

  • Mapping (Data, Assumptions, Business model)

  • Attending (Conferences, Client meetings, Team meetings)

  • Conducting (Interviews, Workshops, Skype calls)


  • 6 Days

  • 10 Interviews

  • 4 Workshops

  • Observating and Identifying Challenges


  • Findings (User data analysis, Grouping findings)

  • Iteration (Mapping ideas, Brainstorming)

  • Conclusions (Concept ideas, Personas, User stories)

Creating the platform

  • Connecting (Innovation projects, Innovators, Resources)

  • Building (Prototypes, User tests, Software design)


InnoCom - Digital Innovation Platform


Ekaterina Kotina (IDBM Business), Helinä Hakala (User-Centred Design), Matti Sippola (Technology), Siiri Sarkola (IDBM Design)