The mFarming Project – Sibesonke



Sibesonke creates mobile communities in emerging countries. Their mobile service mFarming is a solution that combines all the actors of the farming ecosystem in Tanzania.




Sibesonke creates Mobile Communities in emerging countries and brings life empowering mobile services to lower-income people with only basic phones.



Currently, the lack of relevant information is hindering farmers in Tanzania to take full advantage of their land.


We used empathic design methods to find a user-centric approach for the platform.



With the help of mFarming the input suppliers and NGOs can share up-to-date information about their products, and the agro-dealers may use the information and send it forward to local farmers.



  • Nabeel Farhat
  • Andy Clutterbuck
  • Veera Ala-Kaila
  • Anna-Mia Myllykangas