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Our jaws dropped when we heard about the 800 flavours of coffee. While some of us knew the difference between a Macchiatto and a Maserati, the deeper we got into coffee the more complex it got. It only makes sense to provide the knowledge we gained in an accessible and modern format to young consumers. Happily, this is exactly what our client, the leading Finnish coffee roastery Paulig, asked for. We worked day and night to revolutionize the Finnish coffee scene, cutting cardboard for prototypes and listening to music. Our suggested solution was a subscription service that delivers fresh and surprising coffee to your door. Whatever the feedback from consumers will be, we as a team already learned a lot during our eight month long journey.




Founded in 1876, Paulig is the leading Finnish coffee and cacao company.


On a sunny day in September back in 2015, we received the initial brief and formed our team. It was exciting to have this engaged client, even though we were puzzled by the challenge.



Research and design audit
We used the first phase to get immersed in coffee culture to the fullest, including factory and café visits. We wrote a 50 page report in 4 hours and made a 3 minute video in 3 days.

Travelling to the states
During our 12 days in New York and San Francisco we visited 18 companies, had a barbecue with some startup people and heard that the place to be is now Austin, Texas.


Roadmap with 5 concepts
We translated our travel insights into five entangled concepts that would refresh Paulig. We still see them as a core outcome, but have picked one to move further.

A week at the headquarters
We were able to spend one week in Paulig offices to meet all their nice people. We sneaked into the secret lab and had a look over the CEO’s shoulder.


We are working on a subscription service that delivers fresh and surprising coffee to your door. Three small portions every month enable customers to explore the unforeseen variety of coffee.



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