The PAFengers – PAF



We are a team of 5 everyday superheroes that started the industry project adventure together with Paf, a gaming company born in Åland. Our mission: transforming Paf into a design thinker. We decided to go on a journey together with Paf to find out how they could enhance their creative processes to become a design thinker.



Paf is a small Nordic gaming entertainment company founded in 1966 on the Åland Islands.


How can a company like Paf become a design thinker with creative involvement from all employees, with meaningful games to users and a co-creative approach?


  • Journey starts

  • Observation

  • Visit to Paf’s HQ, Aland

  • Analysis

  • Research report

  • Inspiration: Trip to Brazil

  • Ideation

  • Concept: Trip to Berlin

  • Prototyping


Our solution is “the Creative Masterminds”. It is a team, a support system, composed of Paf employees to design project processes and assist project teams to maximize their creative outcomes. “The Creative Masterminds” offer support by providing new methods and tools from a “design thinking toolkit”, implementing a revised and customized business processes (the Rainbow Model), coaching project teams throughout the projects and even bringing in external experts to diversify opinions. There is no ready-made recipe to become creative. The goal is empowering people to set free their creative capabilities.