IDBM Helizen – City of Helsinki



The project focuses on tackling customer experience within citizen service. In the bigger picture, this industry project is part of a larger EU-level initiative towards sustainable urban development and Open & Smart services.



City of Helsinki, the capital of Finland, provides services for over 1.6 million citizens in the Helsinki metropolitan area. With 40,000 employees, it is Finland's biggest employer. At the moment, the city is going through large organizational changes and has taken an initiative to move towards more customer-service approach.


The goal is to identify the key factors in creating a valuable customer experience, for instance what kind of factors do customers value in service? How can we create and add value with different solutions both in physical and digital services?


  • 19 interviews
  • 3 research trips
  • 1 citizen survey
  • 3 workshops
  • 1 set of customer experience principles


We developed a set of principles for developing customer experience.


Sarianna Niskala (Textile & Fashion design), Iina Airaksinen (Marketing & Communications), Zurui Li (Industrial Design), Hiroki Sunagawa (Design Engineering), Zoé Blanchard (Product & Spatial Design)