Social Interaction in planes – Airbus



The flying experience has remained the same during the last few decades. Rather than creating memorable customer experiences, new inventions focus merely on efficiency. The unique mix of people and culture is lost in an environment omitting chances for special interaction to take place.



Airbus SAS manufactures civil aircrafts, and is a part of the multinational Airbus Group SE. Headquartered in Toulouse and subsidiaries around the world, Airbus is one of the world's largest aircraft manufacturer.


We started our journey by immersing into the world of social interaction and started conducting both desk and user research. To get a better understanding of the space, we visited the Airbus' facilities in Hamburg, and had our first observational service safari during the flight.


Sprint 1 - Experience prototyping
Through experience prototyping and simulating a real-life flying situation with sounds and interiors, we tested our initial ideas, observed participants’ behavior and gathered feedback.

Sprint 2 - Japan
Our two weeks long field trip to Japan included co-creative ideation workshops, observations, interviews and research trips, both in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Sprint 3 - Turbulence
How to make decisions in a multidisciplinary team? How to link insights and concepts? How to manage time and motivation in a long project? Our biggest challenge was to design solutions, which the users can validate through experience.




  • Verneri Jäämuri
    Mechanical Engineering
  • Niklas Karvonen
  • Johanna Lehto
    New Media Design
  • Anni Ojanen
    Spatial Design
  • Anant Shiv
    Mechanical Engineering