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358 is an independent Finnish creative agency with 30 employees who do international work in relation to strategy, branding, communication and service design.


Brand experience
Strong and unique customer experiences are the cornerstones of iconic brands. A memorable experience generates brand loyalty and serves as a major differentiator setting the offering apart from the competition.

The team investigated the nature of a brand experience in customer journey scenarios, through literature review and co-creating with 358 clients. Customer experience was seen as the key driver in branding, but as a concept it was difficult to understand and measure.


The outcome of the project is a tool that turns contextual data into actionable insights in order for the brand to improve the experience of their offering. This will help organizations to bring forth customer-centric solutions to improve their customer and brand experience.


Anni Lehtosalo, Jiayun Jin, Rupsha Bagchi, Ville Sorsa