Change Day Suomi – Sitra



Change Day is a social movement in healthcare sector that was started in 2013 by NHS in Great Britain and it has spread all over the world. The main idea in Change Day is to enable and inspire workers to change their work culture and environment towards being more efficient, open to initiative and customer-centered.


The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra is an independent public foundation which operates directly under the supervision of the Finnish Parliament.


Our brief from The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra was to find out, would the Change Day-concept work in the Finnish context, what should it be like and is it a suitable tool for enabling change. Our mission was to pilot the Change Day Suomi in the South Karelian social and healthcare area, Eksote, and collect data for launching a national Change Day in Autumn 2015. The question was: How to involve Finnish social and healthcare professionals in the development of their work organization, environment and community?


How it works
Change Day invites everyone involved with health and social care to share their ideas and act on them. Inspiring others to take small actions will make a big difference. People can share their ideas for change at a physical event or online by leaving a handprint.

Making a difference
Change Day Suomi inspires people to create small changes, creates discussion and brings people working on similar issues together.

  • For leaders: Proves that change is most efficient when people at all levels are involved

  • For the general public: Better practices lead to better care

  • For professionals: Offers a chance to think about what could be different and share those ideas

Why it matters
Social and healthcare professionals are facing increasing pressure and expectations from the government and the general public. Budgets are getting tighter and the need for good care is increasing with an aging population. The professionals need an opportunity to have their say in what needs to change.

Out work

  • Getting to know the pilot area Eksote in South Karelia

  • Interviews with social and healthcare professionals, social movement pioneers and service design consultants

  • Study trip to London to meet the Change Day founding organization in NHS and benchmark organizations

  • Ideation of possible concepts

  • Workshops: Co-creation and validation of our initial Change Day concept by 2 workshops with 16 Eksote workers.

  • Ideation of the Change Day pilot

  • Preparing and marketing the pilot:

  • Pilot: Change Day was piloted in two social and healthcare centers. 20% of the employees left their handprint with individual change objectives on the coffee room wall. We also collected 40 customer kudos.

  • Collecting feedback with an online survey: 25% of the participants responded to the survey, 88% of them have executed the handprint, 88% would participate again

  • Analyzing our findings and feedback

  • Concluding the success factors of Change Day Suomi


The final report gives guidelines, points out critical issues that need to be addressed and concludes success factors of Change Day Suomi


Kristiina Tergujeff, Teresa Moorhouse, Jan Pakarinen, Marja Jaarinen