Sustainable Service Business – Kemira



Identify new potential business opportunities and design a sustainable data-driven service offering.


Kemira is a global chemical company established in 1920 in Finland. Kemira serves water intensive industries to improve their water, energy and raw material efficiency in three categories: Pulp & Paper, Oil & Mining and Municipal & Industrial. Besides chemical products, Kemira provides Control and Monitoring (C&M) solutions to measure, analyze and optimize process efficiency.


Move forward in service sales: Until now, Kemira’s C&M services have been offered freely with chemical sales. The team’s challenge was to identify new potential business opportunities for C&M, and to design a desirable and sustainable data-driven service offering for the municipal market in the US to move forward in standalone service sales.



  • Identified Kemira’s renewed strategy, capabilities, ecosystem & challenges

  • Benchmarked competition, legislation, business models & water usage



  • Visited water and wastewater facilities & management conferences

  • Interviewed decision makers, experts & researchers



  • Defined relevant stakeholders

  • Brainstormed to build idea pool

  • Categorized potential business areas



  • Developed initial concepts

  • Evaluated & iterated final concept

  • Chose & proposed new service offering


Kemira GreenGreen service utilizes big data and smart technologies to monitor and optimize the flow of reclaimed water from treatment to irrigation to answer three key questions: When to treat and distribute water? How much is needed? Of which quality?

With the service, C&M expands to two new business areas besides treatment process optimization: water storage management and smart irrigation systems. This approach answers to the needs of two major stakeholders: reclaimed water providers and their largest customers using water for irrigation purposes.

By extracting and analyzing data from water treatment and distribution process, water reserves, moisture sensors and long-term weather forecasts, Kemira is enabled to offer the two stakeholders a novel, meaningful C&M service with the ability to evolve in use.

As a customer of Kemira GreenGreen, with optimized treatment, scheduled distribution and long-term storage of reclaimed water, the utilities are able to distribute their energy consumption more evenly throughout the year, and to release their treatment capacity for serving households during drought when demand is at peak.

For the customers of the utilities, GreenGreen offers a need-based, more forward-looking practice for irrigation, and the ability to withstand tightening regulations and rising water rates.


Janne Palovuori (Industrial Design), Anna Savisaari (Information & Service Management), Shanshan Chu (Corporate Management), Yuntao Zhu (Industrial Design), Iman Asadi (Software Engineering)