Reimagining the Future – CERN



Large Hadron Collider, particle accelerators, the Higgs boson… Don’t worry if it’s all Greek to you, it’s just physics! We’re working with In case you’re wondering who’s behind all this amazing research, the answer is simple: you are. I am. We all are. For the price of a single cup of coffee per year, each citizen in the 21 member states funds this impressive set of projects.


We were working with IdeaSquare, an experimental innovation facility of CERN, to rethink public engagement in science. CERN is the renowned European research organisation in Geneva, Switzerland, studying particle physics, trying to understand how the universe was formed, and doing plenty of other extraordinary stuff.


Our aim is to design a virtual platform to bring together young Europeans and CERN researchers to inspire one another with science fiction. “But why sci-fi?”, you might ask. Well, in order to really think beyond what science can do today, we need to get everyone’s imagination running wild.


During our journey, we’ve crossed both the Old Continent and the Atlantic Ocean to be inspired and challenged in our thinking. From HEL to GVA to SFO, our process has been stimulated by interesting meetings, different mindsets… and a roadmap full of surprises beyond our wildest expectations. Each of our experiences has fed into our concept development – in one way or another.




Sannamari Pilpola (physicist), Heini-Emilia Saari (architect), Otso Leppänen (industrial designer), Pericles Antoniades (marketeer)