Modular space solutions – Havuu



We helped Havuu, a startup focused on modular space solutions, to identify international business opportunities.


Havuu is a start-up focused on modular space solutions using wooden products for open and flexible office environments. Based in Helsinki, Havuu is a small business with big ambitions and has a rapidly changing product and project catalogue.


Our objective is to find international business opportunities for Havuu and help them to build a globally recognised offering.


Sometimes, it’s tricky working with a startup. A big challenge has been how fast Havuu and their business focus has been changing. Our focus had to switch accordingly. We’ve had a lot of freedom, which taught us how to deal with a lot of uncertainty.

Field trip
We travelled to Tokyo to compare Finland’s innovation culture with one of the most traditionally established business places in the world. We found more in common than we expected. The preparation of 3D prints, scenario images, mood cards and Lego for the workshop at Tokyo iSchool helped produce great content and insights. We’ve seen how creativity isn’t a skill or qualification but comes from anybody, anytime given the right situation. We all learned a lot about creating meaningful connections within the team, with the client and also with the network of people who contributed to our work.


Living labs, future centres and co-working spaces are built in busy city centres to connect companies with potential collaborators. The power of freelancers is being recognised and accepted. Office layouts are starting to resemble urban planning with different functional areas divided in zones and neighborhoods. Chaos in creativity and innovation is being embraced. The shift in work culture and workplaces is something more globally pervasive than any potential niche or mass market. Work as we know it is changing. Between home, office, work and life the boundaries are blurring.


Päivikki Kolehmainen (Product Design), Junmei Lu (Management), Taru Mikkola (Marketing), Sebastian Nemeth (Software Development), Yifan Zhang (Industrial Design)