IDBM Klubi – more than a student club.  

IDBM Klubi is a student driven community of business, design and technology professionals with diverse cultural backgrounds. We are thinkers and doers united by an innovation-driven mindset and passion for meaningful impact.

Diverse skills — one shared mind-set.

IDBM graduates are experts in interdisciplinary teamwork, know how to drive change and facilitate innovation processes. They are equipped with skills and tools in design, change and innovation management, as well as business model, brand and product development. By crossing the boundaries between disciplines IDBMers integrate multiple perspectives and approaches to create long-lasting value.

Get involved with our international network.

The IDBM Klubi network consists of more than 500 IDBM graduates, living and working all over the world. If you are interested in collaborating or have an event idea, get in touch and say

In the past, we have successfully worked with industry partners to:

  • Recruit IDBM students through joint events or campaigns addressed to our international network via email or Facebook.
  • Tackle complex business challenges together with our IDBM student teams in 6-month long industry projects.

Stay in touch.

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